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The Ten Lost Tribes
The Ten Lost Tribes
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Jews in 18th & 19th century Afghanistan
Nāder Shāh Afshār (1736-1747)
The 19th Century
Djedid Jews of Mashhad
The Jews of Balkh

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Medieval Jewish community of Afghanistan
The "Other" in "Afghan" Identity:
Medieval Jewish community of Afghanistan
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From Our Scholarship Fund Winners: What Does It Mean to be a Jew of Afghan De...
Being an Afghani Jew has been a very important part of my identity development. There are so many...
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Tradition for Life by Neria Bluman
Tradition is a peculiar phenomenon. On one hand, the tradition is distant,....
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Afghanistan carpets from 16th & 19th at the Metropolitan Museum collection
Celebrating Succoth holiday with 16th and 19th century carpets and Suzanis from Afghanistan at the Metropolitan Museum collection. Contributed by Avigdor Gargy.
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Old Jewish cemetery in Herat
Old Jewish cemetery in Herat..restored
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Michael Rabi – Update
we are proud to present Michael Rabi, update of one of our scholarship students
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