? Afghan Jewish Heritage is Celebrating Its 8th Year!

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Home page News Archieve Afghan Jewish Heritage is Celebrating Its 8th Year!

Afghan Jewish Heritage is Celebrating Its 8th Year!

Dear Family and Friends,

It is a great pleasure to announce that the Afghan Jewish Heritage, a sub division of the Afghan Jewish Foundation, is celebrating its 2nd year. During the past year we were successful in our 2011 holiday fundraising and creation of our www.afghanim.org web site. We were contacted by Afghanim throughout the world trying to connect with their heritage. Please visit the web site and connect with them too.

Thank you for being such an important part of Afghan Jewish Foundation fundraiser.  We're inviting you to help again to make the Afghan Jewish Heritage influential in our communities.

Kindly make your checks to the followings Funds:

  1. “Afghan Jewish Heritage Scholarship Fund”
  2. Rabbi Shimon Bakshi is collecting on behalf of Rabbi Simantov; if you wish to make a donation to Rabbi Simantov, please make your check payable to “Native Benyamin/ Rabbi Simantov”, or if you want a tax deduction exemption, please make a check to “Afghan Jewish Foundation on behalf of Rabbi Simantov”.
  3. To make a donation for the annual Needy and Yeshivot Fund, please make your check payable to “Afghan Jewish Foundation”

Please email Osnat Gad at ogad@ogi-ltd.com and ask her where to send the check

Thanks You!

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